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Tensile fabric structures

Tensioned Fabric Membrane Structures with aluminum subframe and [tensioned] membrane, are becoming more popular nowadays.

Tensile fabric structures

Aluminum substructure is a distinctive feature of our tent structures. The use of aluminum subrames allows us to create lightweight tent buildings with long expected service life (expected life for aluminum frame is more than 70 years).

Tensioned fabric membrane structures are highly mobile units; they can be assembled and disassembled in a rapid fashion should the need to move them arise. These structures are lightweight which results in reduced transportation costs and weight loads on building's foundation. Tensioned fabric structures are energy efficient as well when [optional] insulating package is installed which results in lower heating costs.

Tensioned fabric structures are used as sports fields, swimming pools, mini stadiums; production and warehouse facilities; farms, storage sheds, greenhouses; hangars of various applications; temporary shelters, troop quarters, hospitals.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce aluminum subframe tensioned fabric structures of various designs and configurations.